Bishal Chowk, Biratnagar-6, Morang, Nepal

Delhi Public School Biratnagar

“Shaping The Children”

  • All the hostelers are provided with a book shop and tailor shop for their daily needs which will be open during the timings fixed for the same.
  • The notice board is provided in the hostel premises to apprise the hostelers for any notice forwarded to them.
  • Dhobi will visiting the hostelers weekly and is allowed to collect a maximum of 20 clothes per week from the hostelers.
  • The Barber will visit the hostelers once a week as fixed by the school authorities
  • The students will be provided with telephone facility as per telephone schedule given in the rules.
  • All the hostelers will be taken to the Medical Officer for check up treatment and follow up action once in a month with their responsibility of the hostelers.
  • All the hostelers will be provided a bad a cupboard a table and a chair and the maintenance of the same will be the personal responsibility with T.V. for recreation.

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Delhi Public School
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